There are several things from an insurance perspective to be considered before you rent a car. The first of which is, am I covered if I choose not to purchase insurance from the rental company? The basic answer is, you are covered for all of the coverage that you have purchased on your personal auto policy. If you have collision coverage on your personal auto policy, you have collision coverage for your rental car. Remember that if you have if you have a $500.00 deductible on your personal auto policy, your rental car has a $500.00 collision deductible.

There are some things that your personal auto policy will not cover though and you may wish to purchase that coverage from the rental company. One such coverage is, while you may have turned the rental car back into the rental company, the meter is still running until that car is back in service. So you may still be paying the daily rate plus tax while the rental car is in the shop being repaired. Check with the rental company to see what their rules are and if this applies. If so, you may want to purchase this coverage from them.

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