We all drive through parking lots daily, but how often do we stop and think about the painted lines we drive over. Parking lots are designed and painted to have a specific traffic flow. The intent is to facilitate the orderly and safe movement of cars through the parking lot. Now, how many times have you seen someone driving the wrong way down a row of cars or cutting through painted spaces to save time? Nine point nine times out of ten this is no big deal, but that one time when both parties are not paying attention it results in an accident and becomes a big deal.

Ultimately, in determining fault, the involved insurance companies are going to look at the lines and how they were painted. Then the insurance companies are going to look at what the cars, involved in the accident, were doing at the time of the accident. Saving a few seconds or trying to get to that parking space before the other guy could cost you a point on your driving record (as an at fault accident). The end result will be much higher insurance rates for the next three years if you are found at fault. While drivers typically are not cited in parking lots, they still must follow the rules of the road, especially when those rules are painted on the asphalt.



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