Most people think that a leaky roof is a water damage loss. That is not the case. If your roof leaks that is a home maintenance issue and is not covered. If wind blows tiles or shingles off of your roof and water enters your house the collateral damage caused by the water entering your house is covered, but the covered peril is wind. You will be responsible for fixing your roof and the insurance company will be responsible for repairing the collateral damage.

Water Damage is a sudden and accidental occurrence. Most typically a bursting pipe. You go from no water to water, just like that. If mold is present there is a good chance that this is not a sudden and accidental occurrence. It takes mold under the right conditions days and even weeks to appear making the occurrence no longer sudden and accidental. The homeowners policy of many insurance companies state that if the occurrence is not found within two weeks it is not sudden and accidental and therefore no coverage is afforded.

Today, almost all insurance policies have a mold remediation limitation. First, the mold must be in association with a covered water damage loss. Second, there is a $5,000.00 mold remediation limit. Meaning the insurance company will not pay any more than $5,000.00 to remove the mold. Homeowners are expected to maintain their houses. This means plumbing fixtures should be checked and replaced every twenty five years. Your homeowners policy is meant to cover unexpected occurrences in a well maintained house.



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