About Us

  • The Early Years

    Parkinson Insurance Agents and Brokers was first founded in 1956. Initially it was called House-Parkinson Insurance. House being the man that my father, Harvey Parkinson purchased his agency from. Harvey was a World War II veteran and a graduate of U.C.L.A. He majored in political science. Out of college Harvey secured a job as a Field Man (today Marketing Rep) for Founders Insurance Company. Harvey used his agency connections as a spring board to purchase of House Insurance.
  • Canoga Park until the Early 1970’s

    Harvey operated out of a store front on Sherman Way in Canoga Park until the early 1970’s. He then clustered with two other agents and they collectively formed Johnson, Parkinson and Dodge, Inc. Much of his agency’s growth was generated from friendships that he made while serving as a member of the Canoga Park Kiwanis club, Canoga Park Chamber of Commerce and Woodland Hills Rotary. At one point or another he served as president for each of these organizations
  • From Zoology to Insurance

    Later in 1986, Garrett, Harvey’s oldest son, joined Johnson, Parkinson and Dodge, Inc. A graduate of Humboldt State University, Garrett spent the 10 previous years cooking and managing restaurants. The change was quite a switch from studying Zoology and learning the restaurant business. Garrett has been in the insurance business since and today owns and operates Parkinson Insurance Agents and Brokers. Garrett and Harvey worked together for some twenty years before Harvey retired in 2007. Imagine having the same job for 51 years.
  • A Calculator and a Rate Book

    Initially, in 1986 all Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance quotations were done manually with a calculator and a rate book. Imagine having to prepare a quotation for four cars and four drivers with three different insurance companies and three different manuals. It wasn’t until the very late 1980’s that Safeco Insurance Company came out with Safedex, a dedicated computer terminal to their underwriting and claims departments. Later Aetna came out with their own dedicated system, Gemini. There was no internet. We started with 3 ½ inch floppies and extremely small and simple programs and progressed to where we are today, going to an internet website to transact business
  • Today we are Full Service

    Today Parkinson Insurance Agents and Brokers is a full service Personal Lines Agency. We offer coverage for Autos, Homes, Motorcycles, Boats and Personal Watercraft. In addition, we offer Umbrella Policies and coverage for Earthquake and Flood. All of our employees are licensed and can answer most of your questions, the really tough ones going to Garrett. We are fully automated and can bind most coverage over the phone with a credit card and a faxed or emailed application.

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