In My Opinion Affordable Health Insurance

In my opinion Affordable Comprehensive Health Insurance is an oxymoron. Actuarially speaking comprehensive coverage is too expensive for the average American and affordable coverage cannot include expensive surgical procedures and medications. I believe that there is not a solution for this problem and our legislators know this. Hence all of the back and forth. Simply put, Obamacare is not collecting enough premium to pay for the coverage it provides.
As a result some states are down to only one provider of health coverage while other states are seeing 70% increases in their premium this year. Some say a single payer system is the answer and maybe it is for some. I do not know if doctors and hospitals would be willing to charge less for their services. Meaning that some would leave the system to cater to the wealthy, while others would seek other occupations. The ones left may or may not provide the same level of care that we currently have. You might have to wait longer to see a doctor or receive certain procedures. One factor complicating the problem is a truncate population, (there are twice as many baby boomers then there are gen X & Y). If there are twice as many old people to young people you cannot actuarially count on the young people to offset the cost of the old people. And the old people are the segment of the population that are primarily using the coverage.
Another factor is 40% of our population is dramatically overweight, (or an accident waiting to happen). Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer have all been tied to excessive weight. This means that a large segment will be using healthcare at an earlier age. Finally, we are living longer. This means that if you start taking a life saving prescription in your forties there is a good chance you will be taking that prescription into your eighties and at what cost?
All of these factors increase the cost of health insurance. Other factors like new equipment, techniques and drugs also raise the cost of health insurance and I am pretty sure that the health insurance companies themselves want to see a profit. We need to stop fooling ourselves. There is not a health insurance panacea. Someone is going to lose. We can insure everyone, but at what cost or compromise to coverage or we can exclude groups of people or coverage to control the cost. Someone is going to lose. This is why congress can't come up with a solution. Someone is going to get hurt and they do not want their party to be the one seen as doing it.
In postponing healthcare reform the Republicans have placed the blame back on the Democrats, ( the party that instituted the Affordable Care Act). Maybe after some more suffering by Americans, (higher premiums, lack of healthcare providers or a total collapse of the system), the Democratic Party and Republican Party can get together and work out a compromise that we can all live with, but remember that at least one segment of the population is still going to lose.


This article(s) represents the views and opinions of Garrett Parkinson and not the Insurance Companies that he represents or illustrates in his articles.

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