Insurance Claims

While we recommend that you contact us first to discuss your claim, you can file a claim after hours using the list of our carriers and their 24-hour claims phone numbers:

Mercury: 888-913-6372

Safeco: 800-332-3226

Travelers: 800-252-4633

Progressive: 800-274-4499

All of our carriers prefer you file your claim direct. However, you are welcome to call us before filing the claim to answer any questions that you might have.

Today most insurance companies prefer to use direct reporting. Direct Reporting means the insured calls the insurance company directly to file a claim and circumvents the agent. This preference arose as a condition/response to the Fair Claims Reporting Act. The fair claims reporting act requires insurance companies to complete required tasks involving a claim in a timely manner. Before this act, insurance companies were accused of not responding quick enough to their insureds during the claim’s process. The Act basically set up a time line for when various tasks should be completed by the insurance company. If an insurance company fails to do the required tasks within the required timeline, it can be penalized by the Department of Insurance.

Many insurance companies came to the conclusion that by having the insured report a loss to them directly it would improve their response time to the insured. The insurance companies were trying to eliminate lengthy response times; the insured calls his agent on Friday at 4:00pm and then the agent does not report the claim to the company until the following, Tues or Weds; a claim is called in on a Monday and then the agent does not report that claim to the insurance company until Friday.

While Direct Reporting only effects one piece in the claims process, it was one less variable that the insurance company had to contend with.

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